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Izmir luxury car rental industry, we offer luxury car rental services in Izmir. When called Izmir luxury car rental place that comes to mind first!



  • Rent Luxury Cars Rent Luxury Cars
    Izmir luxury car industry as the first company that comes to mind in you hire dozens of brands and models of luxury vehicles we rent. By providing services that we offer in the past to the present as much as hundreds of thousands of people and the company's satisfaction so happy we had the opportunity to announce our name to a wide audience. Our business is doing fondly biggest factor behind this success is that we and our customers' requests to assess the best way. We have to think even the smallest details are not satisfied with their service for our customers with superior service quality and our activities.

    Located in our fleet are dozens of luxury cars built in the maintenance and service work uninterrupted service center. by our team controls all the cars you rent a complete way of making you are safely available to you. Can we have rented and for your safety, we closely monitor all goods vehicles. By choosing our company, you can safely enjoy taking luxury car rental service. through our page without losing more time for a luxury rental car, or you can contact our phone number with us.
  • Luxury Car Rental Center Luxury Car Rental Center
    company with an unrivaled infrastructure in Izmir, it is aiming to host a fleet of luxury vehicles to the automotive industry. Our company is renewing its fleet of vehicles in line with demand and is working with the latest model vehicles. Range, Audi, Mini, Mercedes and who wish to rent the upper segment cars such as BMW, we offer our customers at any time of day service. you the latest model luxury vehicles for rent with unbeatable prices and we stand behind every car we rented. All vehicles are entering the time of the authorized service and maintenance are performed in a complete manner appropriate action.

    Our company offers only luxury segments on the floor space vehicles. Our company, which provides expert services in the business for many years and is included in the fleet as soon as possible to evaluate the upper segment vehicles demanded by customers. Our company engages in a specialist unit of the booking process is divided into a professional structure. The car rental service will be transferred to be checked our reservation chart a clear information available as to whether or approval had been given to you.

    All vehicles are checked by our staff before delivery. Izmir luxury car rental services before and after the direct deal with you as you are always y. Our company is very interested in exhibiting and friendly approach to customers in nature. Company employees are kept informed about our industry through our business seminar. If you want to work with you in building a professional business with our company you can work with peace of mind.
  • Online Booking Online Booking You with the interface was renewed Our web page provides the facility to make reservations online. You can browse all our car models through our website and you may have information about prices. dates of hire will make you wish you can hire through our online booking tool by entering the module calculates the price. Your credit card information is not requested when booking online. Thank you for choosing us.
  • Luxury Cars Luxury Cars Our company has been operating in Izmir with luxury car rental services. since its inception has just come out of the luxury vehicles hired our company activities. on behalf of all our vehicles provide professional and reliable services we provide by keeping high customer satisfaction model. Thank you for choosing us.
  • Customer Happiness Customer Happiness Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of our company. We make our esteemed customers quality and maintenance of our fleet to provide safe services regularly. For safe and comfortable journey in the best way to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is one of the most important tasks of our company. All of our employees in our company are appreciated by our customers with friendly behavior. Our company constantly renews the company profiles followed closely by the vehicle industry and is constantly expanding its vision.


  • Bmw X5 PREMİUM
    x5 x4 Automatic Diesel
  • Range Rover Autobiography
    x7 x3 Automatic Diesel
  • Mercedes W213 E180 AMG
    x5 x3 Automatic Benzine
  • Audi A3 Cabrio
    x4 x2 Automatic Benzine
  • Mini Cooper Cabrio 2016
    x2 x3 Automatic Benzine
  • Mercedes E180 W212 AMG
    x5 x3 Automatic Benzine




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Izmir our company continues its activities in the upper segment luxury car rental business is renting vehicles to customers with large car fleet. Since the first day we established our business of providing luxury car rental services only gives great importance to customer satisfaction and service quality. Our fleet of vehicles, Range, Audi, Mini, Volkswagen, located luxury brands such as Mercedes and BMW models. One of the basic principles of our business all the time taking care of tools to offer customers a safe and comfortable vehicles. Our staff is engaged in delivery of the car and waited for hours before the first time the reservation date. Our primary goal is to be open to keep customer satisfaction and innovation.